In the vast outback of Australia, frolicking in the vast fields and meadows a young Steph realised her affinity for the natural creations of the environment. Enlightened by her new found passion she found a way to weave beetles and bugs like a young Simone from the lion king, learnt to procure plant based food and generally be a sick one.

Miss Stephanie is a Melbourne-based artist who specialises in realistic insect paintings. She takes inspiration from the natural world and her studies to create beautifully detailed watercolour paintings. After completing a Bachelors degree in Biological science Miss Stephanie travelled the world with her sketch book, discovering her distinctive style. After spending 2 years travelling the world and drawing what she saw, she returned to Melbourne and began working on her passion for art. When not painting Stephanie is usually working on her diploma in horticulture with a goal to work in habitat restoration. Miss Stephanie's paintings have been sold around the world and are a feature in the homes of entomophiles everywhere! Fans of Miss Stephanie are impressed by her ability to use watercolour to create different effects that turn her insects from paintings to almost real. Follow Miss Stephanie on
Etsy or Instagram @missstephanieleed.